A Cornerstone of One Group's Approach to Fighting the Effects of Childhood Poverty in Dallas

Dallas is a great place to live, and not just because of the strong economy, reasonable cost of living, and many interesting attractions. A strong sense of community pervades a city that has grown rapidly for many years, sustaining all who engage with it.

Local organizations like the lifesavers foundation, for instance, have made impressive progress toward solving some of the city's most challenging and significant problems. That organization's upscale resale store generates funding that is used to support many of its activities. One of the most important of those is a mobile medical clinic that provides care to children throughout the area.

A Mobile Medical Unit That Travels All Around the Area

As many people know, Dallas is not an especially compact or dense city. The sprawl that provides so much room for residents to stretch out in can impede access to some particularly important services.

This is particularly true of medical care for many children throughout the city. Especially when financial pressures are also present, kids in Dallas have historically not always had access to all the medical services they require.

The Doctor Spot mobile medical unit was conceived and launched to help address this longstanding problem. Traveling around to where it is needed the most, this compact clinic on wheels provides medical services like:

Diagnosis. Sometimes what is needed more than anything is the informed opinion of a trained healthcare professional. Being able to pinpoint the cause of some sniffles or a persistent rash can be one of the most important and welcome pediatric accomplishments of all.

Preventative care. Children who receive regular preventative care fare far better, overall, than those who do not. Preventative services like immunization and obesity screenings put kids on track for long-lasting health.

Exams. Kids who participate in sports tend to be healthier and happier than others. Schools require that children receive thorough physical examinations before being allowed to sign up for athletic teams. Physicals provided by the Doctor Spot benefit kids in a variety of ways.

Building a Stronger Community One Stop at a Time

As those who visit our website to learn more about about mobile medical unit services will see, there are plenty of other ways that the Doctor Spot contributes to the community. Dallas is a great place to live in part because of programs, like this one, that make such a positive difference. Residents and organizations who find ways to solve problems instead of ignoring them make Dallas better for everyone.